Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil For Skin

You may have heard quite a lot of hype about Hemp Seed Oil lately and for very good reason! Just incase you were wondering, you won’t get high from it as it  doesn’t contain enough THC!

Hemp Seed Oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9  making it a highly nutritious oil. It is excellent for hydrating the skin, without leaving it excessively oily. Omega 3 and 6 have been scientifically proven to be anti inflammatory making it beneficial for those with skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis or Acne.

Hemp Seed Oil is packed with antioxidants. It contains Vitamin E which can help to promote healthy skin, reduce wrinkles and protect your skin from free radical damage.

Hemp Seeds can be ingested so why not include some in your diet. Sprinkle over cereal, yoghurt or salads or you could add a spoon to a smoothie!

We have recently created an Organic Face + Body Moisturiser that contains Hemp Seed Oil and is scented with Australian Sandalwood. We hope you will love as much as we love making it.

Love our planet

Cutting Back on the use of plastic

Cutting back on the use of plastic is something we can all do.  With over 7.6 Billion people on the planet if we all do what we can to lessen the use of plastic we can make a BIG difference

  1. Buy your skincare in environmentally friendly or reusable jars.
  2. Bring your own cloth bags to the supermarket, soon there will be no plastic bags available.
  3. Carry your own  beverage container.
  4. Go to the farmer’s market and purchase fruits and veggies (not packaged in plastic).
  5. Return reusable containers,
  6. Don’t buy convenience foods packages in plastic.
  7. Buy bread from bakeries that package in paper.
  8. Buy laundry detergent in boxes, not liquid in plastic containers.
  9. Package your leftovers in containers and cut back on using glad wrap.
  10. Use aluminium foil instead of glad wrap.









Hope Forr Daisy

Hope For Daisy

Throughout May and June we are donating 10% of our sales to research into Rett’s Syndrome.

Hope For Daisy

In 2017, my friend’s niece Daisy was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a severe genetic disorder which affects all body movements, causing loss of speech and motor skills.

Daisy appeared to develop normally in the early months. She was a happy baby and delighted her family with her mop of dark hair, inquisitive eyes, placid nature and willingness to tolerate her Uncle Kobi’s attempts at humour and Aunty Georgia’s terrible singing. But by 12 months old, it was clear to Daisy’s parents that she was not developing like other children her age. She was not meeting expected milestones such as walking and talking, and began to lose the use of her right arm. Daisy was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at age 2. 

Children with Rett Syndrome usually appear to develop normally until age 6 to 18 months. Their development then slows down or halts, and previously acquired skills (such as communication and motor skills) are lost. Individuals with Rett Syndrome are dependent on others to assist them with the activities of daily life and often experience other severe symptoms, including seizures, breathing problems, feeding difficulties, abnormal sleep patterns and spinal curvature. 

Research into this rare disorder offers hope for better treatments and potentially a cure for Daisy and other children with Rett Syndrome.

You can also donate directly to Daisy’s fundraising campaign: https://give.everydayhero.com/au/hope-for-daisy


DIY Makeup Remover

This DIY Makeup Remover contains ingredients that are gentle on your skin and will save you a small fortune! Coconut oil has so many health benefits, including being helpful in preventing premature aging. I use rose essential oil in this recipe as not only does it smell amazing, Rose Oil helps to balance moisture levels in the skin and promotes healing and even skin tone.

Makes approximately 150ml.


  • 1 tablespoon Coconut oil (available in supermarkets)
  • 10ml liquid castile soap (available through Aussie Soap Supplies in WA)
  • 125ml water (distilled water, boiled and cooled water or filtered water)
  • 8-10 drops of pure essential oils – I love to use Rose Essential oil
  • 1 Glass bottle with a tight lid


Add coconut oil, castile soap, essential oil and water to a glass jar and stir well until coconut oil has completely dissolved. Keep in in a jar with a secure lid.

Will last for 1 year.


To remove make up saturate cotton pads in solution and wipe gently around eyes face and neck.


If you have sensitive skin do a patch test on forearm before using on your face.

Christmas Detox Giveaway

Christmas Detox Giveaway

How would you like to start the new year by winning our Christmas Detox Giveaway?

We are running a competition on Instagram for your chance to win a Detox Pamper Package worth $250.

The lucky winner will receive a citrus foot bath, full body massage and a full body scrub at Chrysalis Skin and Body Solutions, along with a Detox Bath Soak and Konjac Body Sponge from Salted Bliss.

For your chance to win this luxury package go to Instagram and see @saltedbliss and @chrysalis_skin_solutions_perth for more information.

Competition closes end of day 23rd December, 2017 and the winner will be drawn on Christmas Eve.

Good Luck Beauties! ???

Body Wash

Making Your Own Healthy Body Wash

I would like to share this recipe with you that was recently published  on The Perth Collective’s blog.

Making your own healthy body wash with no added nasties is so easy to do!

It’s gentle on your skin and it doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients, not to mention that it smells a-m-azzzzing! I’m comfortable using this on my skin as I know exactly what goes into it. I’ve had psoriasis for many years, therefore my skin can be reactive to certain ingredients in some products on the market. I find this body wash is mild and gentle on my skin.

I use Lemongrass in this recipe as I’m lemongrass obsessed! You can use whatever essential oil you prefer. By using a foamy bottle your body wash will be dispersed in a foamy lather.


  • 20 Drops Lemongrass Essential oil or scent of your choice
  • 50ml Castile Soap (Available from Aussie Soap Supplies)
  • 1 Tablespoon Fractionated Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Oil
  • 1 Foamy Bottle (Available from Aussie Soap Supplies)
  • 150ml Water (Preferably distilled)

Blend all ingredients together in a foamy bottle.

Shake before use.

To see more of our full range of Bath & Body Products go to our online Shop page or Instagram @saltedbliss

Happy soap making!


Market Stall

Perth Makers Market – 24th September

Hi Perth People!

Salted Bliss will be at The Perth Makers Market on Sunday the 24th of September at the Heathcote Cultural Precinct in Applecross. It’s a fantastic market with over 180 stalls including many Perth creative stall holders. Amazing food vendors and a petting zoo for the kids.

We have recently launched a number of new creations to our range including:-

We will be located in “Murray House” within the Cultural Precinct.

Please stop in to say hello.

Magnesium Salts

The Benefits of Magnesium Salts

The benefits of magnesium salts can include reduced symptoms from conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia. Magnesium may also provide protection from a number of chronic diseases, especially those associated with aging and stress.

Epsom Salt can be absorbed through your skin and when soaking in the bath it goes to work inside your body immediately to reduce stress and anxiety. It increases  the production of serotonin and reduces the effects of adrenalin, therefore it is useful to assist with depression. It also helps to reduce muscle cramps, headaches, fibromyalgia pain and abdominal cramps. It can also help with arterial health and may help to reduce blood pressure by decreasing inflammation in the arteries, especially when soaking with epsom salts in the bath 3 to 4 times a week. Epsom Salts also help to promote a good night sleep so it’s a great idea to have your bath at night.

Magnesium is necessary for good health, and a vital component within our cells, magnesium’s benefits help our bodies maintain balance, avoid illness, perform well under stress, and maintain a general state of good health so to increase your magnesium levels bathe in it!

All of our bath salts contain epsom salt and if you want extra magnesium go for the Lemongrass Muscle & Joint Soak as it also contain magnesium flakes.