Cutting Back on the use of plastic

Love our planet

Cutting back on the use of plastic is something we can all do.  With over 7.6 Billion people on the planet if we all do what we can to lessen the use of plastic we can make a BIG difference

  1. Buy your skincare in environmentally friendly or reusable jars.
  2. Bring your own cloth bags to the supermarket, soon there will be no plastic bags available.
  3. Carry your own  beverage container.
  4. Go to the farmer’s market and purchase fruits and veggies (not packaged in plastic).
  5. Return reusable containers,
  6. Don’t buy convenience foods packages in plastic.
  7. Buy bread from bakeries that package in paper.
  8. Buy laundry detergent in boxes, not liquid in plastic containers.
  9. Package your leftovers in containers and cut back on using glad wrap.
  10. Use aluminium foil instead of glad wrap.









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